How To Bid

The following directions will assist you in understanding the bidding process. As always, if you have any questions, please telephone 516-365-0600, or send you inquiries by email to and a member of our staff will be pleased to assist you.

Log in using your assigned user name and password.
If you have forgotten them, you may email or telephone 561-369-0480

Once you have logged in, a member menu will appear in the upper right corner of the website. You will find navigation buttons inside this box to bring you to your bid list, your watch list, your invoices and your consignments. You will also find a link here to update your contact and payment information (Change My Profile)

You may select an auction to view by clicking on any of the following navigation buttons: ‘CURRENT AUCTIONS’ on both the horizontal navigation bar or on the vertical navigation list on the left side of the page, or on the individual auction buttons appearing on the right side of the home page. Select the category you wish to view and scroll through to find the lot you wish to bid on

The Search Our Site Box appears on the top, left side of the site and is designed to assist you in easy and speedy searches throughout the site.

WATCH LIST You may add lots to your watch list in two ways. When you bring up a list of lots, either within a category list or as the result of a search by lot numbers, there will be a small box to the left of each thumbnail photo. Simply click inside those boxes AND click on the blue ‘add to watch list’ button on the top of the column. When you are viewing an individual lot, you will find the ‘add to watch list’ button located in the box listing the Date/Time, Auction Close, Start Bid, etc, just below the first photograph.

PLACING A BID Once you have opened a lot you wish to bid on, you will be asked to select your bid amount from the drop down list. You may place the next available bid or any higher amount that appears on this drop down list. You may also select a maximum bid amount. If you don’t wish to place a maximum or ceiling bid, the maximum bid field will remain populated with your bid amount. While you have the option of placing a maximum bid that is higher than your bid amount, it is not required

Upon hitting the ‘submit bid’ button you will be asked to confirm your bid. Once your bid is confirmed, a message will appear stating either that your bid has been accepted and that you are the current high bidder, or that you have been outbid.

It may happen that another bidder has placed an earlier ceiling bid on your lot, in which case you will receive an immediate outbid notice. To outbid a ceiling bid, you will have to increase your bid for this lot.

To monitor your bids, click on the link to “Items I’m Bidding On” which appears in the member menu